Need for water conservation impacts businesses


Need for water conservation impacts businesses

Drayton Valley – A small town located in the central Alberta, Canada area has issued a water restriction notice on Apr. 17, 2014 by the town itself, leading to the shut down of some local businesses, emergency facilities like hospitals, healthcare services, and fire + police departments; meanwhile the residents in the community were told to monitor the amount of water they used. The battle for what is deemed as “essential service usage” and “non-essential service usage” is open for debate as more and more business owners are becoming more vocal about how this temporary inconvenience is harming their business economically. On the brighter side of things, there is supposed to be a new water treatment plant (for smarter water conservation) under construction, which is scheduled to be up, and working in the summer of 2015. It’s until then that the town officials urge the public to be patient and remain cooperative as they make attempts to correct this potable water disruption.






World's first major city to ban single-use bottled water

The city of San Francisco has made another step towards greening city grounds, with a recent ordinance to ban the sale of plastic water bottles on private property or events.

Will the plastic bottle ban spread across the United States??? Share your thoughts!




GreenTip of the Week! (courtesy of @GreenTipGuy on Twitter)


As always, I encourage you all to learn and share as much as you can about water conservation, water resources and just the plain old benefits of water itself! Little do we know, the effects of our recycling efforts of cans, paper, and plastic are great, but not enough! However, we actually have a resource that needs to be recycled even more than those… We need to start learning how to recycle water!

With the help of @GreenTipGuy and the many others around the world, a simple gesture such a recycling from US can have a life changing impact for someone else in the WORLD! You’d be surprised at about how many SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD there are! Reach one, teach one; Each one teaches one for a cleaner tomorrow!

Make a difference.

SneakerHeads Unite for Clean Water!


SneakerHeads Unite for Clean Water!

A very popular online website for new/vintage/popular sneakers (KicksOnFire[Dot]com) has joined the world cause for clean water by raising awareness via recent Twitter campaign starting today; and it doesn’t stop there! There is no minimum to enter the raffle and for every small gesture from you, can and will have a life changing impact for someone else. Enter today!

Please visit Donate.Kixify[Dot]com for more details.

Local solutions, Global inspiration: water conservation ‘rules’!


Save water. Save lives - Poster

“A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.”
~The Holy Bible

According to a recent article published in The Times of Israel, various communities around the United States are signing agreements for ‘Made in Israel’ partnerships for water monitoring + conservation methods in city near you.

it just goes to show that what’s known to the western hemisphere as a “start-up nation,” can contribute to a lot of money to be made with water technology.