Global Water Cleveland?!



So I’ve been an intern at City Hall in downtown Cleveland for roughly over six months now, and daily I’m constantly meeting and having insightful conversations about diverse topics such as race relations within our communities to the city hosting a variety of tourist-driven events to boost economic growth. Well, just a few days ago, as I was a part of an interesting conversation with a few social activist and we discussed the possibility of our beloved City of Cleveland [hopefully] becoming a viable resource for the international impact for sustainability of freshwater while contributing to the economic development of Northeast Ohio. Great idea, isn’t it!

In my recent research, I found that many people in Cleveland have been asking for years “what’s the city going to do with Lake Erie”, and I think the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (CPC) has come up with a plan to answer that question. What I also learned is that the mission of the CPC is to “inform and provide services in support of the short and long-term comprehensive planning, quality of life, environment, and economic development of Cuyahoga County and its cities, villages and townships.” Currently, the need for land and water accessibility is essential in developing an increased quality of life in Cuyahoga County. Furthermore, the need of the county to be held accountable for its actions and to respond pro-actively to rapidly evolving economic, social, cultural, and demographic changes that are constantly occurring [locally & globally].

As my lunch break ended, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that I, the intern [with an office in the basement], am too on the brink of excitement when it comes to social ingenuity coming to Cleveland, Ohio. I just hope this concept turns into reality as all these new medical facilities and  other major corporations anchor here, as we are uniquely positioned to do more with water conservation than ever imagined!


Celebrity Activism at its finest: Part II


Matt Damon a& is continuing  its mission! So I’m sure you all know now about the water crisis. Here’s another installment from one of Hollywood’s most famous actors speaking openly and honestly about this global crisis concerning water.

Here’s another video I came across while researching about water crisis advocacy, including a new revolutionary idea to help solve the world water crisis, “water credit”, which is the first program of its time to actually micro-finance tools by connecting financial institutions to communities in developing countries in need of clean water, by the means of small loans which are then made to individuals and households to be repaid + redistributed amongst others in the area.

This is something YOU want to SUPPORT!

To learn more about the crisis, and what you can do to help, please visit, for information.



Local solutions, Global inspiration: water conservation ‘rules’!


Save water. Save lives - Poster

“A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.”
~The Holy Bible

According to a recent article published in The Times of Israel, various communities around the United States are signing agreements for ‘Made in Israel’ partnerships for water monitoring + conservation methods in city near you.

it just goes to show that what’s known to the western hemisphere as a “start-up nation,” can contribute to a lot of money to be made with water technology.


#everydropcounts – Roadshow @ Environment Building (Global)


As I do more and more research regarding water conservation, I’ve come across yet another grass-root organizations stationed in the far-east of the world fighting the war against the water crisis in Singapore.

To provide water for all, PUB calls on all Singaporeans to play a vital part to conserve water, keep nearby water catchments and waterways clean and build positive relationships amongst the community; with the goal being sustainable water resources that can be enjoyed for years to come. So in due time, there will be enough water for all uses – for industry, for living, for life!

To learn more details about the water conservation methods PUB is using, please visit for more information.